Happy Labor Day! Stop Saying People “Just Don’t Want to Work”

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

So what is going on?

It would be bad rhetorical practice to knock down the prevailing theory and not offer alternative explanations. So I pulled out my meta-analysis from my 80,000 degree I am still paying for. I looked through a bunch of articles and see what I could find in common.

The conclusion:

This is where I give a basic summary of what is actually happening with the labor shortage….but we don’t have one. It would be arrogant to pretend I do. We have a lot of opinions, but those are certainly never in short supply.



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Shelby Elzinga

Shelby Elzinga

THE scooter girl. Jill of all trades. Mostly best at failing at tech. Needs to get better at writing bios.